Katsuo no Tataki

Kochi's most famous dish is katsuo no tataki (鰹のタタキ), lightly broiled, sliced bonito (also know as shipjack tuna). It is served alongside spring onions, ginger and garlic and seasoned with salt or soya sauce with vinegar and citrus. Traditionally, katsuo no tataki should be broiled over a straw fire until just the outer layer is grilled a little bit.

While no restaurants specialize in katsuo no tataki, it is a popular dish at izakaya (casual restaurants for drinking) and is served at restaurants across the city with especially many concentrated in the downtown area around Harimayabashi.

Bonito is also used to make katsuobushi, the dried fish flakes used in many Japanese dishes as a seasoning or as soup stock. Kochi's katsuobushi is highly regarded for its quality and flavor. Various katsuobushi related products are available at souvenir shops across Kochi.

How to get there

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Airport: Kochi Airport

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