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About Baggage

This page will open in a new windowCarry-on Baggage

You may bring on 1 piece of carry-on baggage.

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JAL offers Economy Class passengers up to 2 free checked bags, and First and Business Class passengers up to 3 free checked bags.


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Travel Information

Guide to Japan

JAL's original Japan guide. Discover your favorite places in Japan.
Many local recommendation and offers are exclusively provided to JAL passengers.

This page will open in a new windowExplore Japan

Find the wonders, sites and activities of Japan.

Another Stories of Japan

Extra Edition of "Untold Stories of Japan" which provided by Japan Airlines and Tripadvisor.

This page will open in a new windowBEING JAPAN

JR Central and JAL are promoting Japan’s charms and highlights to our inbound customers and tourists from abroad, proving some tips to spend a pleasant and comfortable time in Japan.

Railroad Promotion

Informative site of Japanese railways for visitors from outside of Japan. While showing the charm of getting around Japan by train, the site provides guidance to railway company sites.